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Wealth Preservation with Gold

The Financial System is on the Brink: Wealth Preservation with Gold

Wealth Preservation with Gold: Financial system collapse is imminent. The financial system is on the verge of total collapse, and those who don’t recognize the warning signs risk losing a significant portion of their assets due to bank failure, currency debasement, or a crash in bubble assets like stocks, property, and bonds. Many bonds may become worthless.

Physical Gold: Crucial for Wealth Preservation

Now more than ever, it is critical to preserve your wealth by investing in physical gold. This gold must be stored outside of the vulnerable financial system. The article discusses this in greater detail later.

Banking System’s Fragility Based on Confidence

The stability of the banking system relies on confidence. In a fractional banking system, highly leveraged banks possess only a fraction of the money needed if all depositors were to withdraw simultaneously. When confidence vanishes, so do the banks’ balance sheets, exposing the entire system as a black hole.

Banks Falling like Dominos

The collapse isn’t limited to a few smaller US banks and one large one (Credit Suisse). Numerous banks, including Credit Suisse, are on the verge of failure, and this will have a ripple effect throughout the global financial system.

Credit Suisse’s Dire Situation

Credit Suisse is in such a precarious state that a solution must be found before the market opens on Monday (March 20). The bank can’t survive in its current form, and its failure would severely impact the Swiss financial system and cause global repercussions. A potential solution is a merger with UBS, but UBS may be reluctant without state guarantees and support from the Swiss National Bank (SNB).

Swiss Banking System: Too Big to Save

The Swiss banking system, like the rest of the world, is unsound. A central bank larger than the country’s GDP is unstable, and a banking system five times the size of Swiss GDP makes it impossible to save.

Massive Money Printing Inevitable

In the coming months and years, central banks will engage in the most significant money-printing spree in history to save the system. But this won’t stop the inevitable collapse of the financial system.

The Death of Money

The end phase of the current financial era will ultimately lead to the death of money. Currency debasement isn’t the cause, but rather the effect of the banking elite’s control over the world’s finances.

Gold – Critical Wealth Preservation

Investing in physical gold is crucial for wealth preservation. Gold has seen significant gains since 2002 and is poised to make major upward moves in the coming years.

Gold During Hyperinflation

During periods of hyperinflation, gold becomes an invaluable asset. There may soon be a rush in the West to purchase gold at any price.

Protect Your Assets

Act now to secure your financial future. Purchase gold while it’s still available, as the financial system continues to crumble.

Stop Press: Intense Discussions

Intense discussions are currently underway in Switzerland between major financial institutions, regulators, central banks, and governments. Without a deal, global financial contagion could start as soon as Monday, the 20th. Even with a temporary agreement, the system’s wound won’t heal, and the problems will continue to spread. Secure your assets by investing in gold.


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