American Hartford Gold Review

american hartford goldIntroduction

You’ll find plenty of gold IRA companies out there, but none quite like the American Hartford Gold Group. This family-run business out of Los Angeles has helped move over $1 billion worth of precious metals, with a focus on gold and silver. They’re happy to help investors buy these assets either within or outside of a precious metals IRA arrangement. And if you’re not in California, no worries – AHG has clients across the country, many of whom they connect with online or over the phone.

But American Hartford Gold Group isn’t just about buying and selling precious metals. They’re committed to educating their new clients too. They provide educational materials to help folks understand how to set up an IRA, what to expect, and more. And if you’re feeling uncertain about anything, their experts are always available to help out. We’ll dive into more about their services and support later on in this American Hartford Gold company review.

Before we get into all the details, let’s take a quick look at what makes American Hartford Gold Group stand out. We’ll cover their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their ratings and reviews from past clients.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Key Summary
  4. The Bottom Line
  5. Product Range and Services
  6. Pricing
  7. Customer Care
  8. Company Reliability
  9. Customer Reviews
  10. AHG vs the Competition
  11. Alternatives to AHG
  12. How to Invest in AHG

American Hartford Gold: Pros & Cons


  • High-quality, diverse collection of gold and silver coins and bars
  • Investor education focus
  • Buy-back program with no backend fees and price match guarantee
  • Free silver worth up to $5,000 on qualifying purchases
  • Excellent customer service and account specialists
  • Reasonable $10,000 minimum account deposit


  • No platinum or palladium IRA offered at this time

american hartford goldKey Summary

In addition to IRA services, American Hartford Gold offers a variety of other financial services, which are listed in the table below that outlines the different types of IRAs available:

American Hartford Gold Services

2 – click here for details
TRUSTLINK RATING5/5 (1,071 reviews)

Customer Ratings for Product Range and Services

Below is a brief overview of our rating methodology for the company. If you’d like to delve deeper into the specifics of how we calculated these ratings, please click here.

Product Range and Services4.9/5
Customer Care4.6/5
Company Reliability4.5/5
Customer Reviews4.5/5

The Bottom Line

So, the ultimate question is, should you go for American Hartford Gold? Our answer is a resounding “yes.” Whether you’re starting a new gold IRA or rolling over an existing account, this company is definitely worth your consideration. Its impressive ratings, including an “A+” from BBB and an “AA” from BCA, along with overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, are all strong indications of its legitimacy and expertise in the industry. For more in-depth analysis of American Hartford Gold’s performance in the precious metals market, be sure to check out our comprehensive review.

Product Range and Services

American Hartford Gold offers a comprehensive range of precious metal services that cater to the needs of a diverse client base. Whether you’re looking for physical delivery of gold and silver bars and coins or seeking to invest in precious metals within a retirement savings or retirement account, AHG has got you covered. While based in Los Angeles with another corporate office in Woodland Hills, California, American Hartford Gold serves customers across the nation, enabling individuals and families to invest in gold and other precious metals from the comfort of their homes.

Apart from offering precious metals for self-directed IRAs, the company also sells a wide variety of precious metals intended for other investment purposes. With a commitment to providing top-quality products, American Hartford Gold offers an extensive selection of gold and silver coins, as well as bars and other prestigious coins, all available at competitive prices. However, the prices are not displayed on the company’s website. For more information on pricing and a catalog of precious metals available for purchase, please contact American Hartford Gold.

American Hartford Gold Services

At American Hartford Gold, customers can invest in gold and silver IRAs, as well as purchase other precious metals. As one of the largest gold and silver retailers in the country, AHG is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, with its buyback guarantee and price match policy being among the company’s most attractive features. If you’re interested in selling your gold, consider approaching AHG first to inquire about their interest in the trade. If they are interested, you can expect to receive some of the best prices available on the market.

Depository Choices

While American Hartford Gold does not offer depository services or storage solutions, there are many reputable storage companies available to choose from. AHG recommends several highly regarded firms, including Delaware Depository Service Company, International Depository Services, and Brinks. Customers are free to choose any repository they like, as long as it’s based in the United States. However, it’s worth noting that AHG may not be able to assist you in finding a depository, and if you choose to do so independently, any issues you encounter with the storage company will not be AHG’s responsibility.

To ensure the safety and security of your precious metals investments, it’s advisable to work with one of the depositories recommended by AHG. The three companies mentioned earlier are among the best in the industry, with multiple storage locations and a variety of storage options, including segregated and non-segregated storage. As a result, finding a repository near you should not be difficult. Associating with AHG’s recommended depositories is strongly advised to ensure that your precious metals investments are kept safe and secure.

Educational Materials

American Hartford Gold boasts an extensive investor library that covers a wide range of topics, including self-directed IRAs, precious metals investments, TSP rollovers, dollar collapse, and cybercrime, among others. These comprehensive guides are available to anyone who contacts the company for information, and they are completely free of charge. Additionally, AHG periodically releases live market data reports, allowing clients to monitor the prices of their holdings at any time, day or night. The company also provides blog posts on trends and movements in the gold and silver markets, with the frequency of these posts increasing during periods of high market activity. With its vast array of resources and up-to-date market information, AHG is an invaluable resource for investors seeking to navigate the world of precious metals investments.

RMD Estimator Tool

As an IRA account holder, you are required to withdraw a minimum sum from your account each year after reaching the age of 72 (or 70.5 if you turned 70.5 years old prior to January 1, 2020). Computing the exact sum to withdraw can be a complicated task, but American Hartford Gold has made it easy with its RMD Estimator tool. Since the required minimum distribution (RMD) sum is not static and changes as you age, this tool is designed to help you calculate the annual withdrawal amount by taking your age into account. By using the RMD Estimator, you can ensure that your IRA complies with the necessary regulations and avoid any potential penalties for failing to withdraw the minimum required amount.

american hartford goldPricing

Here’s everything you need to know about the pricing for American Hartford Gold and what it takes to set up and maintain an account with the company.

American Hartford Gold Costs/Fees

  • American Hartford Gold is not very transparent with its fees and charges.
  • Prices for the gold and silver coins sold by the company are not publicly displayed.
  • The company charges a yearly maintenance fee of $180.
  • Shipping and gold IRA storage fees vary.
  • If your account purchases are worth more than $50,000, AHG won’t charge you anything for the first year.
  • If your account’s gold and silver holdings exceed $100,000, you may qualify for a waiver of up to three years.
  • The company does not charge for shipping precious metals to any location in the U.S.
  • Tracking and insurance costs are covered at no additional charge.

Minimum Investment

  • American Hartford Gold requires a minimum deposit of $10,000.
  • There is no specific minimum order quantity or size.
  • While $10,000 may sound like a lot, other companies charge much more for setting up and administering gold and other precious metal IRAs.

Customer Care

American Hartford Gold is renowned for its team of knowledgeable and courteous staff. The company’s personnel are widely considered to be among the best in the industry, particularly when it comes to gold IRA companies. The level of service provided is exceptional, both before and after account setup. Each client is assigned a dedicated account executive, which is a welcome and appreciated touch. Additionally, the customer support line is available 24/7 to address any questions, grievances, or concerns that clients may have. The overall customer support experience at American Hartford Gold is exceptional and sets the company apart from many of its competitors.

American Hartford Gold Educational Materials

As previously mentioned in this review of American Hartford Gold’s self-directed IRA, the company also offers a unique investor education program. With a comprehensive content library, AHG makes it easy for investors at any knowledge level to learn about and invest in gold IRA and other precious metals IRA options. This educational program sets the company apart from many of its competitors and provides an excellent resource for investors who are looking to expand their knowledge and make informed decisions about their retirement savings.

Company Reliability

When it comes to setting up a self-directed IRA, there are plenty of companies vying for your business. However, not all of them are trustworthy or worth working with. Many prioritize their own financial gain over the needs and interests of their clients. Thankfully, American Hartford Gold is one of the few reliable and credible companies that genuinely care about their clients and their investments. The company’s commitment to guiding its clients is further evidenced by the range of educational resources it provides. This dedication to educating and assisting clients sets American Hartford Gold apart from many of its competitors and makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to set up a self-directed IRA.

History and Background

Despite being founded as recently as 2015, American Hartford Gold has quickly risen to become a prominent and reputable name in the gold IRA industry. This is a testament not only to the amount and quality of work the company has produced in a relatively short period of time but also to the founding team’s extensive experience in the industry. The expertise that the team has built up over the years has undoubtedly contributed to the company’s success and its ability to establish itself as a credible player in the gold IRA market.

Customer Reviews

As previously noted, American Hartford Gold is known for its exceptional customer service. While the company is not infallible, it makes a concerted effort to correct any mistakes it makes, a fact that is appreciated by its clients. This is evident from the glowing reviews and high ratings the company has received on credible third-party sites such as the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, achieving a perfect Trustpilot score based on more than 1,000 reviews is an impressive feat and serves as a testament to the company’s unparalleled commitment to customer service. Overall, American Hartford Gold’s dedication to providing top-notch customer service has undoubtedly contributed to its success and reputation as a trustworthy and reliable gold IRA provider.

TrustpilotAmerican Hartford Gold Independent Third Party Customer Reviews

One of the most striking features of American Hartford Gold’s reviews is the overwhelming positivity and satisfaction expressed by its clients. This is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that every customer is fully satisfied with their experience. While there have been a few minor concerns expressed by some clients, these are relatively few and far between. The primary issue that has been raised by some reviewers is the lack of transparent pricing on the American Hartford Gold website. However, this is the only major red flag that has been noted.

In an industry that can often be cutthroat and focused solely on profit, companies like American Hartford Gold are a rare exception. They place a high value on serving their clients and ensuring that their needs are met. This is especially important when it comes to resolving any issues that may arise after an individual or family has invested in precious metals or other financial tools. American Hartford Gold is known for being true to its mission and going above and beyond to address any concerns that its clients may have.

Finally, if you are new to investing in physical precious metals, it can be challenging to determine the right amount and type of gold or silver to add to your investment portfolio. Many companies in the industry may suggest what they think is best without taking into account your unique requirements or investment goals. However, American Hartford Gold is committed to listening to its clients and working with them to find the best solutions that meet their specific needs.

American Hartford Gold vs the Competition

RATING 1-5 WHERE 5 IS BESTGoldcoAugusta Precious MetalsAmerican HartfordBirch Gold GroupNoble Gold

Alternatives to American Hartford Gold

Based on the rankings in the aforementioned table, American Hartford Gold may not be the top choice. In case you’re considering other options, here are two more companies worth looking into.


While American Hartford Gold is renowned for its customer support, Goldco sets itself apart with its investor education program. Immediately upon joining, IRA holders gain access to a comprehensive library of resources, including well-researched articles, videos, webinars, and other tools covering various precious metals and investment topics. Additionally, Goldco offers real-time market monitoring and other analytical tools to assist clients in making informed investment decisions.

Goldco’s customer service is also notable, with each client assigned a dedicated agent or specialist to assist with transactions as needed. Other complementary services, such as buyback options and 401(k) rollovers, are also available. However, the company’s unwillingness to disclose its fees to prospective clients is a significant drawback. Visit the company’s website for more information.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals stands out with its high standards, but this is also reflected in the minimum investment requirement of $50,000, which is one of the highest in the gold IRA industry. This figure may seem intimidating to potential investors, but it also indicates the quality of service that the company provides.

One of the impressive aspects of Augusta Precious Metals is its transparency when it comes to fees. Clients can expect a clear breakdown of all account expenses, both one-time and recurring, during their initial interaction with the company. Additionally, Augusta Precious Metals offers a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with their services. Another notable feature is that the company does not charge any liquidation fees if you decide to sell your gold.

Free GuideHow to Invest in AHG

If you’re interested in investing in gold or setting up a gold IRA account with American Hartford Gold, you can start by contacting the company and speaking with an account specialist. You can clear any doubts or ask questions to the representative before making any decisions.

Once you’re ready to proceed and have given your approval, AHG will send you the necessary paperwork to fill out. You’ll need to provide your personal and banking information, which you can choose to receive digitally or via mail.

After submitting the account setup information, you’ll need to transfer the funds from your existing retirement account to the gold IRA. You may need assistance from your accountant, and the approval of the fund rollover can take up to three business days to reflect in your self-directed IRA.

Once the funds appear in your gold IRA account, you can use them to purchase gold, silver, or platinum coins and bars. Let AHG know what kind of precious metals you’re interested in, and they’ll process the transaction. The physical metals you purchase will be transported to a reliable depository like Delaware Depository Service Company, International Depository Services, or Brinks. Your account activities will be documented and available for you to access at any time.

To summarize:

  • Send in your precious metals IRA application
  • Select your funding source for acquiring precious metals under the new IRA ambit
  • Choose the precious metal (gold or silver) for the retirement account